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Scale on Attitude of Young Farmers Towards Climate Smart Agricultural Interventions

Snehal Patel and O. P. Sharma


Attitude is the prime cause of the growth of an individual and will have a great impact on the way we think, the way we perceive, and the way we do things. It is the determining factor for the success or failure of any vibrant endeavor. Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) has emerged to address the challenges in the agriculture sector caused by climate-induced disasters and stresses. It is a strategic approach that aims to sustainably improve agricultural productivity and enhance food security, increase farmers’ resilience and adaptation to climate change, and reduce and/ or remove GHGs emissions where possible (FAO, 2013). In this study, the attitude of respondents young farmers towards CSA interventions were studied. Due to the non-availability of an appropriate scale to measure the attitude of young farmers towards CSA interventions, it was thought necessary to construct a scale for the purpose. Hence to understand the feelings of respondent young farmers towards CSA interventions, an attitude scale was developed. Likert’s scaling technique (1932) was found appropriate due to a large number of items. A schedule of statements was sent to 80 judges to find its appropriateness by assigning the score on each item. Based on the ‘t’ value, 25 items were finally selected to constitute the scale to measure the attitude of respondent young farmers towards CSA interventions. The reliability of the scale was found to be 0.8863. The validity of the scale was tested by experts’ judgments. The reliability and validity of the scale indicate the consistency and precision of the results.

Keyword: Society of Extension Education, Young farmers thinking, Climate Smart Agriculture

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