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Scale for Measuring Attitude of Farmers towards Social Forestry

Kaushal Kumar Jha


A scale was developed to measure the attitude of the farmers towards social forestry based on Likert’s technique. A tentative list of 60 statements was drafted keeping in view the applicability of statements suited to the area of study. The statements collected were edited in the light of the informal criteria suggested by Thurstone and Chave, Wang, Bird, Edward and Kilpatrick. These statements were framed in such a way that they expressed the positive or negative attitude. The score of each individual item on the scale was calculated by summing up the weights of the individual items. On the basis of total score, 27 percent of the subjects with the highest total score and also 27 percent of the subjects with lowest total scores were taken assuming that these groups provided criterion groups in terms of high and low evaluated by the individual statement. In order to find out the discriminating index for each item,‘t’ value was calculated using the formula and procedure given by Edwards. The scale so developed finally consisted of 22 statements (11 positive and 11 negative) whose‘t’ values were found to be significant at one percent level of probability

Keyword: Attitude scale; Continuum

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