Rural Micro Agri-linked Businesses : A new Venture for Entrepreneurship Developemnt

M. Kanwat, Suresh Kumar, P.M. Chargotra and B.P. Mishra


Rural micro agriculture linked businesses though encountered perennial problems of research crunch, offers immense growth, employment co-efficient & implication for distribution in agrarian economy of district Upper Subansiri, Arunachal Pradesh. Their emergence is the result of un-remunerative and seasonal character of agriculture, marginalization of small farmers, eviction of tenants and a number of policy measures initiated by the government for promoting self-employment. The paper examines the significance of background and key motivational factors in sustaining rural micro entrepreneurship using chi-square tests of significance and factor analysis. The study suggests adoption of an integrated & multidisciplinary development approach by including training, institutional, financial support as a composite package coupled with improved technology in agriculture to create `income and output’ effect which in turn would increase raw material and demand for rurally produced goods

Keyword: Rural micro agriculture l

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