Role Performance of Para Veterinarians in Rendering Livestock Health Service in Kalyana Karnataka Region

Channappa , Goudappa, S.B , Chandargi D.M , Shivanand K , Jag JiwanRam


Para veterinarians are the pillars of public veterinary services which makes them an important part of animal health care and animal husbandry services. The potential para veterinarians influenced by the availability livestock health services. In this regard the present study was conducted during 2021-22 to assess the role performance of para veterinarians. An exploratory and ex-post facto research design was employed for the study. The study was restricted to sample size of 120 para veterinarians based the highest number of para veterinarians working in 2 districts i.e., Bidar and Kalaburagi. Data collection was done by using the questionnaire method. The overall role performance of para veterinarians in curative services, productive services, preventive services, diagnostic and miscellaneous services it was found that 71.68 per cent of para veterinarians had high level of role performance followed by medium (19.16 %) and low (09.16 %) the possible reason might be of services, such as identifying heat signs, artificial insemination, vaccination, record keeping, first aid for injured animals, disease diagnosis. To increase the role performance of para veterinarians, need to provide infrastructure facilities, regular training program, motivate them with rewards, educate them and to create awareness among the para-veterinarians for performing confined activities.

Keyword: Para veterinarians; Performance; Animal health services.

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