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Role of Helpline Services in Technology Dissemination

A.K. Singh, Lakhan Singh and Riyajuddeen


Communication is the web that holds a society together and it is a collection of small and relatively isolated agricultural communities. Considerable time of extension worker is spent for administrative work and travel. Cyber extension is the new approach, which can be defined as the extension over cyber space, means “Using the power of on-line networks, computer, communications and digital interactive multimedia to facilitate dissemination of agricultural technology€. Keeping in view the problems in agriculture, an investigation on ’Role of helpline services in technology dissemination€™ was conducted during 2005 in Uttar Pradesh. The study was carried out in Kanpur Dehat and Saharanpur districts where public and private sectors were engaged in operating helpline services. 200 farmers were identified for the study, out of which 100 farmers from the service area of public helpline service provider and 100 farmers from the service area of private helpline service provider Indian Tobacco Company were selected. Twenty experts were also included as respondents from two selected districts to know the constraints. The respondents were interviewed with the help of structured interview schedule. Poor level of use of helpline services was observed in the study area. The frequency of seeking information related to improved varieties, plant protection, seed availability, seed treatment and market related information of crops were relatively high. Poor connectivity, lack of awareness in farmers and incomprehensible technical information provided through helpline services were perceived as constraints in effective on-line information dissemination to the farmers. Timely and relevant technical information in agriculture should be provided to the farmers. Frequently asked questions may be analyzed and accordingly experts may be oriented for effective functioning of helpline services

Keyword: Helpline services; Technology

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