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Role of Co-Operative Societies in Adoption of Improved Production Technology by Sapota Growers

B.M. Mehta, Madhuri Sonawane and R.F. Thakor


This study aim to analyze the role of leading co-operative societies and their services with respect to adoption of improved production technologies by the sapota growers of Navsari district of Gujarat state. Two categories of respondents viz, members of the selected co-operative societies and non members selected randomly. From both the category 120 farmers were selected. Thus the total sample for the study comprised of 240 farmers. In order to explore the knowledge and adoption of improved package of practices for sapota production ,statistical tools such as mean, SD and ’ Z’ test were employed. Majority of the respondents of member growers (70.80%) and non-member growers (69.20%) had moderate level of knowledge about the Sapota production technologies. In case of practice wise knowledge index, except knowledge regarding method and time of irrigation, knowledge of all other practices was highly significant. Regarding adoption of technology majority of the member growers falls in medium categories of adoption towards improved package of practice of sapota production. Same trend was also observed in case of non-membesr. There was a highly significant difference observed in over all adoption index of member and nonmember sapota growers. The comparison of practice wise adoption of member and non-member sapota growers shows that except method and time of irrigation all other 14 practices were highly significant

Keyword: Co-operative societies; Member sapota growers;

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