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Realising Production Potential Wheat in Cold Arid Kargil Region of J & K

A.H. Mughal, H.K. Rai, V.K.Sharma , S.K. Singhal and Manoj Panday


Four released wheat varieties (Sonam, Singchen, Mansarover and Kailash) against local check were evaluated through front line demonstrations conducted on farmer’s field during kharif/summer season of the years 2008, 2009 and 2010. A total of 25, 16, 20, 15 & 25 demonstrations of Sonam, Singchen, Mansarover, Kailash and Local check were laid covering an area of 2.50, 1.50, 1.50, 1.25 & 1.50 hectare, respectively in 28 villages across 7 blocks of the Kargil district. The soils of FLD field are mostly sandy loam with high available potassium, medium phosphorus and low nitrogen and slightly alkaline in reaction. Sowing was done using residual soil moisture of snow melt from 15th April to 15th May every year. Recommended seed rate i.e. 250 kg ha-1 against existing farmers practice of using 600 kg ha-1 (local check) was broadcasted and nutrients i.e. N, P & K in the ratio of 100: 50: 40 kg ha-1were applied in the form of DAP, MOP and Urea. Total amount of P and K and half of N was applied as basal dose and the remaining 50% of N was top dressed in two equal splits at 25 (CRI) & 55 (Jointing) days after sowing, while in local check only 100 kg DAP ha-1 was used and that too as basal application. First irrigation was applied at CRI stage i.e. 21-25 days after sowing and further irrigations were given at 10 days interval in light of high evapotranspiration and light textured soil conditions. Cultivation of released varieties of Wheat viz. Sonam, Singchen, Mansarover and Kailash recorded grain yield between 29.6 to 37.3 q ha-1, while as local check recorded a yield of only11.9 q ha-1. Technological gap, which shows the gap in demonstration yield over potential yield varied between 2.7 and 9.7%. Extension gap was recorded maximum in Singchen (25.4%). The technology index being lower shows its feasibility at the farmer’s field. It can be concluded from the results of Front Line Demonstration laid over the years in the region, that replacement of local old and impure seed by released varieties and following recommended package of practices for the crop would increase both grain and straw production by many folds

Keyword: Wheat; Cold arid region;

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