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Radio Listening Behaviour of Rural Youths in Kalabugi District of Karnataka

S.B. Goudappa, Shashidhara. K.K and Jyothi Kalyanrao


The present study was conducted during the year 2014-15 in Kalaburgi district of Karnataka. Ex-post facto research design was followed in conducting the investigation. Purposive random sampling procedure was used in selection of respondents with a sample size of 120 radio listeners. Keeping in mind the objectives of the study, an interview schedule was designed for the purpose and which was pre-tested in a non sample area. Based on the experience gained in pre testing, the interview schedule was standardized and required data was collected by personal interview. Data was coded, tabulated, analyzed and interpreted using suitable statistical tools. The results of the study revealed that, a majority of the radio listeners preferred to listen regularly the farm programmes viz., live phone in programmes (45.83%) and progressive farmer interviews (40.83%). While, gelayara balaga (46.67%) and radio doctors (45.00%). Majority of the respondents spend their ‘full time’ in listening of the live phone in programmes (41.67%), progressive farmer interviews (40.83%) and expert’s interviews (40.00%) in farm radio programmes in order. Majority of the respondents paid ‘full attention’ to the live phone in programmes (43.33%), progressive farmer interviews (41.67%) and expert interviews (40.83%) followed by straight talks on agricultural (39.17%) and discussion on burning topics (37.50%) in farm programmes. lack of programmes on market and market information nearly one third (28.33%) and user much of technical information (23.33%) were the major constraints experienced by the listener of AIR Kalaburgi. Increased the duration of agricultural programmes (27.50%) and more number of programmes of higher income generating activities (22.50%) are the major suggestions given by the radio listener for the effective listening of radio programmes.

Keyword: Full attention; Full time; Radio listening behavior; Radio doctors; Technical information;

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