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Quadruplets Calving in Deshi Cattle: A Rare Case

Sukanta Biswas, SMS (Animal Sc.), DDKVK, UBKV, W.B.


Dakshin Dinajpur, W.B., 1st March, 2013: A Deshi Cow gave birth to live quadruplet calves on 1st March, 2013 in the village ‘Kanjialshi’ under Gram panchayat of Balurghat Block in Dakshin Dinajpur district of West Bengal. ‘Kanjialshi’ is a very interior, undeveloped, resource poor village located in northern border area of West Bengal & Bangaladesh. In early morning, the news of dystocia problem of parturient cow came to author and he attended the case on emergency basis He instantly treated the case and surprised to observe quadruplets calving of the local Cattle. The owner of the Cow is Smt. Sabita Dai (mobile-+917501272773), an widow, landless minority community woman, where the animal remains the only sustainable livelihood option to maintain her family. The owner reported that this is cow’s fourth time calving and during the earlier three times shehad given birth to only single calf. The cow did not have any hormone before and after getting pregnant and was naturally inseminated from a natural heat. All four (04) calves were born alive, healthy and at term with the assistance of KVK expert. Among the quadruplets three (03) were female and one male healthy calf. The expert opines that, most likely she released three oocytes from her ovaries which were fertilised, one of which then split, producing two calves out of the four which are identical genetically. The mid valley veterinary hospitals experts Michel Karle also reported a live quadruplet case at Zupan Dairy farm, Orland, California, USA on 6th December, 2011 and he says that odds of quadruplets in cattle are 1:7,00,000 (Veterinary Obstetrics & Genetically disease;( Roberts, 1971). The odds of quadruplets all born alive is very rare and found in the ratio of 1:11.2 million and the ratio of quadruplets all alive, all one sex, are only 1:179.2 million. Presently, there have no such recorded live quadruplets case of calving in India. All quadruplets in this case are alive but one she calf is a bit weak and unable to sucking Colo strums milk. It may be due to poor genetic production potentiality, imbalanced feeding practice of the Dam. The KVK expert advised the owner to strip out the milk and fed evenly (1/10th of B.Wt.) to all calves for their survival and better performance. He also arranged to provide 50 Kg low cost concentrate feed (LCCF) with locally available resources, dewormer, antibiotic, medicine as protective and Vitamin-mineral supplement from KVK. The KVK also assured the owner Smt. Dai to render all type of technical assistance in any time of emergency for the survival of all the calves born in this unique& rare incidence in the field of animal Husbandry practice. All the calves aged about 01 month are healthy, and now quite better to combat adverse environmental stress factor to establish as ‘survival of the fittest’. This kind of incidence may be useful for advancement of future veterinary genetic research.

Keyword: Oocytes; Pregnant; Quadruplets ; Dewormer, Antibiotic, Medicine; Vitamin-mineral supplement

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