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Productive Use of Drought Animals in Rainfed Region: Lessons from recent Study in Andhra Pradesh

Dipanwita Bhattacharjee and Anushree Singh


The study explained that small farmers (42.6%) and medium farmers (26.66%) from the major groups. About 6.6% are landless and 20 % are marginal farmer the remaining are large farmers in Vadla Ramapuram village area. More than half (55.55.%) of the land is Irrigated land and 44.4 % land is Rainfed land in Vadla Ramapur village and same as Amalapuram village have more Irrigated land than Rain fed. The major crops are mainly paddy, maize, cotton and pulses in both villages seed showing both of the villages were used only bullocks with their traditional tools. They mainly used which called in their local language ‘Darigam ’ and ‘ Mumta ’ which are made by bamboo, plastic or iron material. There are no farmers who are using tractors for seed showing in these two villages. Prices of tractors and allied implements are rapidly increasing. Small farmers cannot afford to purchase and use tractors because of high initial cost, operational cost as well high repair and maintenance cost. Farmers also want from the government if subsidies bullocks provide to them as tractors it will be more benefit for them in all aspects. Key words: Rainfed land; Bullocks; Traditional tools; Tractors;

Keyword: Rainfed Region: Drought Animals, medium farmers

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