Production Driven To Market Driven Extension Approach

Rajesh Kumar, B. P. Singh, Sandeep Kaswan


It’s need of the hour to make extension approach market driven instead of production driven. Agricultural production has increased significantly in last decade. We are claming of record food grains production of 241 million tones. Still farmers are committing suicide; it means they are not getting remunerative price for their produce. As about 90% our efforts are production oriented and only 10% are market oriented. With the globalization of market, farmers need to transform themselves from mere producers-sellers in the domestic markets to producer cum seller in a market, sense to best realize the returns for their investments, risks and efforts. Extension can play its pivotal role not by mere transfer of technology to farm side but along with it the appropriate market information as well. Extensional personnel need to make aware farmers about what to produce, when to produce, how much to produce, when and where to sell, at what price and in which form to sell their produce. Effective linkages of production systems with marketing, agro-processing and other value added activities would play an increasingly important role in the diversification of agriculture. There is need to conversion of P-L-E into M-L-E, minimization of production cost, introduction of export oriented product, modernization of wholesale markets or new markets with new agricultural policy. This emphasizes the wider role of extension agency ranging from SWOT analysis of market to the organization of farmers interest groups. The Government in this regard is providing much of the infrastructure required for efficient marketing along with the other information and extension services.

Keyword: Extension approach; Market driven; Production driven; Agricultural production;

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