Problems Faced by Women in Agriculture: A Study of Sub Mountainous Region of Punjab

Pooja Rani , Shalini Sharma and Amanpreet Kaur


Present paper is planned with specific objective to study the problems faced by women in different farm operations in sub mountainous region of Roopnagar and Hoshiarpur districts of Punjab state and provide suitable suggestions for their role enhancement in agriculture. From two blocks three villages were selected randomly, then ten women respondents, five marginal and small farmers and five farm labourers families were interviewed, for making the sample of 120 respondents. Respondents faced many obstacles which hindered their full participation in agricultural and allied activities such as low level of technical knowledge, low level of acknowledgement from family, less access to market, low physical strength of women, dual responsibilities of family. Paper suggested that farm women should be given training for the use of farm technology to improve their work participation and reduce drudgery and recognition should be there to uplift their morale.

Keyword: Farm operations; Problems in agriculture; Sub mountainous region; Farm women; Farm labour.

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