Post Tsunami Technical and Social Interventions in Rice Tract of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry

B. Shanmugasundaram and K. A. Ponnusamy


A study was conducted among 120 Tsunami affected rice farmers belonging to 16 villages of Nagapattinam and Cuddalore districts of Tamil Nadu and Karaikal region of Union Territory of Puducherry. 23 agencies were involved in post tsunami rice cultivation practices. Twenty eight activities categorized under four heads ,namely, Reclamation of Agricultural lands, Improving Paddy cultivation, Facilitative activities and Promoting group activities were being implemented by different agencies. It is seen that eight activities viz., Daincha distribution, Gypsum distribution, Group formation, Cash relief to farmers, Demonstrations in farmers field, Providing crop loan, Canal desilting and Animal Health Care were performed by agencies which benefited more than 50.00 per cent of the farmers. 17.50 per cent of farmers in the study area have expressed that their lands have been completely mitigated. Technological interventions made by different agencies paved way for reclamation of Tsunami affected Agricultural lands

Keyword: Tsunami; Intervention; Rice TRact

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