Popularization of Coriander Production Technology through Front Line Demonstrations in the Arid Zone of Gujarat

Arvind Singh Tetarwal and Ramniwas


ICAR-CAZRI, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kukma, Bhuj did a fi eld study on the performance of frontline demonstrations (FLDs) for increasing coriander productivity in different villages of Bhuj, Anjar, and Rapar Talukas in Kutch, Gujarat from 2016-17 to 2020-21. The improved technologies consist improved variety (Gujarat coriander 2), micro nutrient (Zn and S) application and integrated disease management using bio-pesticide Trichoderma viridae etc. Yield attributes of improved practice (IP) and farmers' practice (FP) were recorded, and percent yield increase, technology gap, extension gap, technology index, and FLD economics were examined. The average yield of demonstration plots was 1935.4 kg ha–1 compared to the local check (1695 kg ha–1), an increase of 14.21% in average output. The average extension gap, technology gap and technology index were 240.4 kg ha-1, 264.6 kg ha-1 and 12.03%, respectively. Demonstration plots had a greater average gross return (Rs. 1,02,606) and B: C ratio (3.19) than farmer's practice where it was Rs. 89939 and 2.91, respectively. The current findings clearly suggest that by implementing the proposed technique, the production and economics of coriander can be enhanced.

Keyword: Coriander Production Technology; Frontline demonstration; Technology gap; Technology index.

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