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Piggery Farming as a means of Protection to Mysterious Wild Birds and Environment in Jatinga, Assam

Monosri Johari and K.K. Saharia


A small strip of valley in hilly Dima Hasao district of Assam called Jatinga is known all over the world for its mysterious phenomenon of birds committing suicide during the months from September to November every year when the weather is foggy, misty and cold. While some believe in geophysical reasons, others feel it to be a handy work of taking situational advantage to trap, hunt and kill wild birds for meat. Several organizations tried to bring the practice down through various means. From the animal husbandry side also an effort was made to encourage pig farming among the wild bird chasing villagers so as to bring an end to the phenomenon of wild bird’s ‘suicide’. It was found that, the birds were trapped or killed mainly for consumption, cleaning habitats and sale. After one year of intensive pig rearing promotion, there was drastic fall in bird chasing. The farmers felt that because of pig rearing they received much needed dividends in as many as nine areas of life and livelihood. Among them however, wild bird protection ( r= 0.373**, P < 0.01) and environmental safeguard (r=0.488**, P< 0.01) showed positive and highly significant relationship with pig rearing

Keyword: Suicide; Foggy; Hunt and kill; Wild birds; Pig farming; Pig rearing;

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