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Personal Attributes Affecting Training Needs Perception of Buffalo Farmers

Karamjit Sharma, S.P. Singh and Gautam


Farmers of Haryana state have witnessed increasing reliance on the animal husbandry owing to a variety of reasons. This has resulted in phenomenal growth in the sector over the past few years. However the productivity of buffaloes is still poor. It is suggested that to bring about desirable increase in the productivity of milch animals, there is an emerging need to train farmers for better management of their animals. However, before initiating large scale training programmes it becomes crucial to ascertain the training needs of farmers scientifically. The present study is an attempt to ascertain the training needs perception of buffalo owners and to understand its association with their personal attributes. The study was conducted in Haryana state and data was collected through structured schedule after appropriate sampling. It is concluded that mass media exposure, opinion leadership and extension contact were having significant impact on the knowledge level of farmers and thereby reduced training needs perception. Similarly formal education reduced the training needs of the farmers. Further, training needs perception did not vary across age groups and caste

Keyword: Training needs; Buffalo h

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