Performence of Oil Palm Production Technologies

M. V. Prasad, Ananta Sarkar and J. Jameema


Oil Palm plays significant role to meet the vegetable oil requirements in India, because of its highest productivity with more returns to the farmers than any other edible oil yielding crop. In India the net area under oil palm cultivation is 1,01,128 ha and there is a great scope to increase the area yet further. To know the adoption pattern and to enumerate various constraints in adoption of improved production technologies, the present study was conducted among 516 respondents selected randomly from three major states growing oil palm viz., Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Goa. Majority of the oil palm growers were marginal (31.59%) and small farmers (27.91%). In India wide introduction of oil palm (62.60%) was taken place during the years 1993 to 1997. Most of the respondents (74.61%) were following basin method of irrigation with four to seven days interval (29.84%) to irrigate the palms. More than eighty per cent of the farmers were applying farmyard manure. Most of the respondents were applying lower doses of Nitrogen (54.07%), Phosphorus (42.64%) and Potassium (34.69%) and majority of the farmers were not applying micronutrient fertilizers. Majority of the farmers (34.69 %) were applying fertilizers in 2 split doses

Keyword: Oil Palm; Adoption index;

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