Performance of High Yielding Promising Sugarcane Variety for Western Zone of Tamilnadu

S. Saravanakumar and T. Rajula Shanthy


Sugarcane is an important commercial crop cultivated in over 23,000 ha in Erode district of Tamil Nadu state. Attempts were made by researchers and extension workers to improve the productivity of sugarcane by adopting high yielding varieties and improved production technologies. The on-farm trials were conducted during Kharif 2017 and 2018 in five farmers’ field to assess the performance of high yielding promising sugarcane varieties suitable for Western Zone of Tamil Nadu. The varieties selected for trial were Co 86032 and Co 0212. The study revealed that Co 0212 recorded more number of productive tillers per plant (10.4), intermodal length (14.51 cm), stem girth (11.22) and individual cane weight (1.511 kg) which was superiorly higher than the existing variety Co 86032. Similarly Co 0212 recorded the yield of 127.5 ton / ha during 2017 which was 17.24 per cent higher yield than the existing variety and 138.86 ton / ha recorded and 30.68 per cent yield advantage was noticed in the ratoon crop. The highest benefit cost ratio of 2.44 was recorded in Co 0212 in ratoon crop and 2.05 in first crop where as 1.73 and 1.86 BCR observed in Co 86032 in first and ratoon crop respectively. Considering the above facts, Co 0212 would be identified as a better alternate variety suitable for the Western Zone of Tamil Nadu.

Keyword: Cane Yield; Co 0212; Economics; Sugarcane; Western Zone.

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