Performance Analysis of Women Entrepreneurs in Assam

Jitendra Kumar Chauhan and Pubali Saikia


Entrepreneurship development through micro enterprise is an economic venture by which a large number of people can be changed within a short period of time especially from the point of view of employment generation. Entrepreneurship development among women is considered as a right approach for over all empowerment of women. Women entrepreneurship is a prominent element of economy today. Women Entrepreneurs may be defined as the women or a group of women who initiate, organize and operate a business enterprise. The biggest problem or difficulty of a woman entrepreneur is that she is a woman. Women need to play multiple roles at a time, such as, taking care of them after children, other members of family, house work and entrepreneurship. The nature of the study was both Exploratory and Descriptive. This study was conducted in three districts of Assam. For selecting the representative sample for the study, simple random sampling method was adopted. CRD analysis highlighted the significance difference among all aspects of empowerment in the weaving sector.

Keyword: Performance; Micro enterprise; Women empowerment.

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