Perception towards Livestock Breeding Service Delivery by Dairy Cooperatives

Prakashkumar Rathod, T. R. Nikam, Sariput Landge, Amit Hatey and B.P. Singh


A study was conducted in Western Maharashtra region to know the perception of farmers towards livestock breeding services delivered by Gokul Dairy Cooperative with regard to timely availability, amount paid and satisfaction level of the farmers towards the services. The study revealed that 76.66 per cent of the farmers perceived that breeding services were timely available while 23.34 per cent responded that services were late. With regards to amount paid for the services, 31.33 per cent of the respondents perceived that breeding services were freely available while 44.67 per cent farmers answered that services were at nominal rates. In the study area, 37.34 per cent respondents were satisfied and 46.0 per cent of the farmers were partly satisfied with the breeding service delivery. The relation between timely availability of services and the independent variables depicted that variables education, livestock possession and economic orientation were significant while factors viz. annual income, scientific orientation and economic orientation were significant at 5 per cent level of significance with amount paid for breeding services. The variables age, education, occupation and annual income were found significant with satisfaction level of dairy farmers. Majority of the farmers perceived that high cost of Artificial Insemination (AI) and less number of veterinarians were the major constraints in livestock breeding service delivery. The study concluded that Gokul Dairy Cooperative provided various livestock breeding services for the farmers mostly on time at free or nominal rates. Since majority of the farmers were partly satisfied with breeding services, there is an urgent need to improve upon the quality of breeding services so that farmers would be more content and satisfied with the services of dairy cooperatives.

Keyword: Livestock breeding service

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