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Perception of Radio Listeners about Effectiveness of Farm Broadcast in Transfer of Agricultural Technology

S.K. Garg, D.P. Rai, S.K. Badodiya and S.K. Shakya


The present study was conducted in Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh. The total sample consisted of 300 respondents spread over 20 villages of four blocks. Data were collected with the help of structured interview schedule. Majority of the respondents (58.33%) were perceived to be in medium effectiveness of farm broadcast category in transfer of agricultural technology. The zero order correlation coefficient were determined between independent variables and dependent variable, out of sixteen independent variable caste, family size and type of family were not significant with dependent variable- effectiveness of farm broadcast and rest of the variables were found significant to have relationship at 1% level of probability. Majority of respondents were satisfied with the present timing of the farm broadcasts and they wanted duration should be increased to one hour and they preferred the broadcast in the dramatized form. Majority (66.67%) of the respondents suggested the use of local language during broadcasting the programme, 60.00 per cent of the respondents suggested live broadcast of discussion with agriculture scientist, and successful entrepreneur were major need of the respondents

Keyword: Perception; Effectiveness, Farm Broadcast; Transfer of agricultural technology;

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