Perception of Prospective Users about the Performance of Agricultural Expert System

S. Helen and F.M.H.Kaleel


To assess the perception of prospective users in using the agricultural expert system-‘Diagnos-4’, developed by Kerala agricultural University. Prospective users included forty researchers from all over India and sixty each from the category of extension personnel and farmers from the Palakkad District of Kerala, South India, formed the sample of the study. The results showed that the last ranked dimensions such as retrievability ‘relevancy of information’, ‘information content’, ‘information treatment’ and ‘mode of presentation’ needed modifications by involving the prospective users during the development process of agricultural expert system. At the same time, content and relevancy of information provided in the ‘Diagnos-4’ should be improved by providing more information on preventive measures, biological control measures and cultural practices considering chemical control methods as the last option. Highly significant agreement among the perception of researchers in TOT, extension personnel and farmers about the performance of Agricultural Expert System was observed. The prospects and better performance of Agricultural Expert System was perceived more at the lower category of stakeholders in the dissemination of agricultural information

Keyword: Perception; Prospective User

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