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Perception of People towards Disaster Management : An Overview

M.R. Mohapatra, S. Chowdhury, R.K.Raj and D.V.Singh


The eastern part of Odisha is vulnerable to disasters like flood and cyclone causing huge loss to the people. A study was undertaken with 80 affected people from 10 villages of 5 Gram Panchayats for altering their perception to disaster management. It has been observed that the people of the area should inform the details of information sufficiently ahead of the flood and cyclone. People must be made conscious about preserving safe drinking water, usable assets, materials for temporary shed and essential medicines. The government functionaries have to strengthen in selecting safety place for rehabilitation, stocking essential medicines and adequate arrangements for rescue and shifting of affected people immediately. Immediate action need to be taken for restoration of transport and communication system with all sanitation measures. People must be trained to develop their capability towards preparedness and mitigation measures.

Keyword: Vulnerable; Cyclone; Disaster; Flood; Disaster management

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