Perception of Horticultural Students towards Awareness andPreference of Self-Employment Avenues

Laxman M. Ahire, K.H. Rao and B.S. Sontakki


This study was conducted during October-November 2016 by purposively selecting B.Sc Horticulture Students from two colleges namely College of Horticulture, Hiriyur, University of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences, Shimoga and College of Horticulture, Kolar, University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot. A total of 112 students from these colleges constituted the sample for this study. The study focused on perception of students on awareness and preference of self-employment avenues in horticultural sector. It was evident from the results that most of the students are fully aware of ‘nursery management’, ‘processing of fruits and vegetables’, ‘cut flower production / high-tech floriculture’, ‘landscape consultancy’, ‘ornamental plants propagation’, ‘indoor gardening’, ‘horticulture clinic, nursery, landscaping, floriculture’ and ‘vegetable production and marketing’ for self-employment. Most of the respondents preferred (the areas of their choice of self-employment such as)‘nursery management’, ‘seed production and processing unit’, ‘processing of fruits and vegetables’ ‘cut flower production/high-tech floriculture’, ‘landscape consultancy’, ‘value addition centres’, ‘horticulture clinic- nursery, landscaping, floriculture’ and ‘vegetable production and marketing’ as self-employment avenue. It is supported that the agricultural and horticultural colleges should focus and strengthen these areas through more and more hands on experience activities as well as field visits.

Keyword: Nursery management; Processing of fruits; Vegetables; Cut flower production; High-tech floriculture;

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