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Perception and Attitued of Rural Women Towards Solar Cooker

Beena Yadav, Sumitra Yadav and Lali Yadav


Perception and attitude are critical and important components of human behaviour. The adoption of any technology or innovation is largely governed by the perceptual framework and attitude of the beneficiaries. Applications of solar technologies are yet to be explored and used by the people in rural areas though they claim to provide ecofriendly and cost effective technologies for rural areas. The scientists have evolved solar cookers of different models and box type has been recommended strongly for household purposes. With this background, in present study efforts were made to explore perceptions and attitude of rural women towards solar cooker. The results regarding perception were recoded on nine attributes with paired comparison technique and it was found that relative advantage and labour saving features were the most preferred attributes of the solar cooker. Cost and terminality were the least preferred attributes of the technology. Further regarding attitudes, it was found that 56.0 per cent of the respondents had neutral attitude towards solar cooker. Statement-wise analysis also indicated that for 13 positive statements the attitude of women were either favourable or neutral. The results can be an eye opener for field functionaries to introduce the solar cooker by application of appropriate interventions

Keyword: Perception; Attitude; Sol

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