Perceived Opportunities of National Education Policy-2020

Dangi Pooja Arun , D. Singh , S. Chaubey and Kumari Jyoti


The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 aims to transform education, keeping the learner at the centre. It helps to build strong foundational skills and quality of learning across all levels of education, shift in the ways of assessment and, finally, need for systemic transformation. The NEP stressed on creating a national curricular and pedagogical framework, which is competency-based, inclusive, innovative and focuses on comprehensive development of children. The salient features of the policy principles, aims, vision, opportunities and solutions have been dealt with in this article. The policy has opportunities for the students and the teachers. The present study focused on the perception of college students in India about NEP, 2020 concerning opportunities like flexibility in course choices, integration of vocational education, multidisciplinary approach, pairing schools, internationalization.

Keyword: Opportunities of National Education Policy- 2020; Students; Perception.

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