Perceived Effectiveness of Farm Telecast in Transfer of Agricultural Technology

S. K. Badodiya, O. P. Daipuria2, S.K.Shakya. S. K. Garg and U. N. Nagayach


The present study was conducted in Dabra block of Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh. The total sample consisted of 100 respondents spread over 10 villages of the block. Data were collected with the help of structured interview schedule. The majority of the respondents 58.46 per cent perceived farm telecast as medium effective with reference to transfer of agricultural technology. The characteristics of farm telecast viewers i.e. educational status, family background, social participation, land holding, annual income, credit orientation, economic status, attitude towards farm telecast, belief in telecast and extension participation were found to have significant relationship with perceived effectiveness of farm telecast. In this study, preferences of the television viewers about different aspects of farm telecast were also studied with following headings namely- Time of telecast, duration, modes of presentation and language of the telecast

Keyword: Effectiveness; Farm telecast

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