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PCR-RFLP-Gene Study in Musculoskeletal Deformed Birds

Nandedkar P.V., V.K. Saxena, M. Saxena, K.A. Ahmed, S. Kumar, R. Singh2 P. Jain, M.R. Jawale and S.B. Nehete


The present study was carried out in musculoskeletal deformed birds for screening the relation of their deformed growth with growth related candidate genes (TGF-b2, IGF-1, GHR, Myostatin, BMP-2) by PCR-RFLP. The overall incidence of musculoskeletal deformities in the hatch (nearly 1500 chicks) was 0.8 % associated with legs and wings (twisted leg, Perosis, reluctance to move and a stilted gait). The overall means of body weight at 3rd and 5th week of age were 402.19±51.62 and 854.39±96.07 gm, respectively. Candidate genes mediating growth promotion (TGF-ß2, IGF-1 and GHR) as well as gene exerting negative regulation on growth (myostatin) along with one gene (BMP-2) influencing bone formation were analysed in coloured broiler male line. At seventh weeks of age the hematobiochemicals (Ca, P, T3 and T4) did not show significant difference among genotypes of different candidate genes compared by t-test. There was no significant effect of genotypes of gene on the growth of deformed birds. These non-significant results of present study suggest that one should go for other restriction enzymes or some other genes may have role in the present musculoskeletal deformed birds

Keyword: TGF, BMP, GHR, IGF, PCR-RFLP, Poultry

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