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Participatory Management of Sodic Soils in Uttar Pradesh

Aradhana Shukla, A.K. Singh and A.K. Singh


Participatory management is fast emerging as a concept for ensuring involvement of different stake holders . It is more important in case of implementing projects in rural areas. Land reclamation and its rehabilitation programme launched by Uttar Pradesh Land Development Corporation has shown involvement of farmers in land classification , identification of beneficiaries, distribution of inputs , management of link drains , sharing of water ,etc. The programmes of participatory management have created strengths like planning boring and link drains together; boring at the highest place with the consent of villagers; facilitating group loan, water sharing; helping formulation of water user groups and self help groups; scheduled meetings and interactions; suitable drainage avoiding water logging; sharing of inputs by farmers; strong technical support; increased crop productivity and family income; linkage with different organizations; distribution of Panchayat land among poor farmers; NGOs helping in community organization and over and above existence of transparency in input distribution and benefit sharing

Keyword: Participatory management

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