Organizational Climate: Perceptions of Women Extension Personnel in Kerala

Anshida Beevi C.N., Monika Wason, R.N. Padaria, Premlata Singh and Eldho Varghese


Reducing gender inequalities in access to productive resources and services is the need of the hour. The present study has been done to understand the perceived organizational climate of women extension personnel. The study was conducted in the state of Kerala. A sample of 210 respondents was studied. Kruskal-Wallis one-way ANOVA for organizational climate showed that Agricultural Officers, Agricultural Assistants and VFPCK staffs were significantly different to each other. Further two-way analysis using Friedman test showed that there was a statistically significant difference among different dimensions identified under organizational climate for all the three groups with a higher mean rank for cohesion followed by positive climate and a lower mean rank for gender discrimination.

Keyword: Organizational climate; Gender discrimination; Women Extension Personnel

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