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Opinion of Farmers and Project Officers about Watershed Management

Rajan Sharma, Jitendra Chauhan and B.S.Meena


Study was conducted in 2 watersheds namely Akhnoor and Bari-Badhori in Jammu district to document the farmers and officials’ opinion on various aspects of watershed programme. To get first hand information 400 respondents were interviewed from both areas. It was observed that the respondents of both sites were benefited after implementation of watershed programme. Moreover farmers of watershed-1 explained that the officials of the programme do not provide any thing and behave like officers (86.33%) and poor farmers were not attracted/ interested in watershed management programme (86.00%). On the other hand participatory farmers were in view that living standard of rural poor has increased and various types of fruit, fodder, fuel wood and timbers easily available after implementation of watershed programme. Project officer of watershed- 1 not satisfied with the local people and opinioned that less publicity of the watershed programme leads to low participation of farmers. Further, the officer of both watersheds told that lack of time, visit and advice by the supervisory staff results into poor participation and progress

Keyword: Watershed; Participation;

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