Motivational Profile of Agricultural Scientists

Dibyanshu Shekhar, Dhananjay Kumar and B.P. Sinha


Motivation denotes willingness of an individual to make efforts and exhibit desired pattern of work behaviour for achieving high level of performance and commitment to work. One of the challenges faced by research and extension management, system is to motivate scientist to become productive and achieve excellence in performance. Thus an attempt was made in the present investigation to explore into the motivational level of agricultural scientists working under ICAR and SAUs systems. The motives studied were personal achievement, social achievement and influence. The farm scientists of both ICAR and SAUs systems were found to be very low on personal Achievement, Social Achievement and Influence motivations. This is a deplorable situation which is sure to make the system sick. It is, therefore, highly desirable that motivational awareness and consciousness are created in them through appropriately designed programmes and activities. The motivational awakening created in the Agril. Scientists through motivational training, was found to stagnate over a period of 5 to 6 years. This is because of the work situation in their organisations which keeps them involved in routine activities without opportunity to become creative and exercise reasonable amount of autonomy with responsibility and accountability. Due attention is required to be paid to the work climate created by beauriocratic procedures and goallessness prevailing in the organisations/ institutions. It was found beyond any shadow of doubt that motivational levels of scientists are heightened through exposing them to well designed motivation training course and the motivational consciousness so created also lasts long, but exposure to one such training programme is not enough to set them on the path of achievement and effectiveness. The trainees need to further study literatures on motive, find or create opportunity to score a large number of fantasies and should include motivation in their teaching and research activities in a variety of way. Unless they practice and involve themselves in their work with clarity of goal and desire of excellence, they may not be able to internalize motives which is needed for continuous flow of energy to scale heights possibly in all walks of life

Keyword: Motivation; Work behaviou

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