Mindset, Motivation and Constraints Faced by Women Trainees to Start and Sustain their Entrepreneur

Kanchan Sandhu


The present study was carried out on the KVK trained 60 women between the age group of 15- 65 years. The study was carried on with an objective to know the views, needs and problems of women trained for food processing and preservation to run their entrepreneur at micro, small or medium scale. The success of women in starting and sustaining their entrepreneur depends greatly on the quality of training as well as overall environment, essential for the success and sustenance of the enterprise. The environment refers to domestic conditions, family cooperation, financial access, social acceptance etc. Without the ambient working environment, training solely cannot yield expected outcome. KVK trainings have a positive impact on mindset of women to start an entrepreneur. Their hidden desires and passion got a platform after taking trainings. Realization of their ambitions, passion and capabilities were their main motivating factor to start an entrepreneur. Regardless of demographic variables like age, educational qualification, marital status, family monthly income, all the respondents faced technical, business and socio-economic and cultural problems in starting and sustaining entrepreneur.

Keyword: Preservation; Entrepreneur; Ambitions; Passion; Capabilities

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