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Mind Mapping as a Learning and Teaching Tool in Agricultural Higher Education in India

S.K. Soam, Raghupathi, B., Sweety Sharma, B.S. Yashavanth, M. Balakrishnan, Srinivasa Rao, N., Thammi Raju, D., Prabhat Kumar and R.C. Agrawal


The study aimed at investigating the efficacy of mind maps in teaching over conventional comprehensive text; comparing both of these teaching methods; and finding out the binary association with several independent determinants. The experiment comprised two groups, one group was fed information as a mind map, others were fed comprehensive text. Results indicated that the respondents using comprehensive text took 186.69 seconds on average; whereas the respondents under mind map completed the test in 132.99 seconds. The t-test and chi-square tests indicated that gender does not influence the performance of the respondents whereas background, the language of primary education and profession has some influence under different testing situations. The results establish that the mind map is much more efficient in communicating the instructions concerning both comprehensibility and time to assimilate. Conclusively, a few futuristic research questions and inputs for relevant policy interventions have been identified.

Keyword: Time efficiency; Quality learning; Agricultural education; Critical thinking; Mind map.

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