Measuring The Pollution Stress Coping Behaviour (PSCB) of Farmers Against Dyeing Industrial Pollution Using Newly Developed Index

Anitha Pauline. A and C. Karthikeyan


The Pollution Stress Coping Behavioural Index (PSCBI) was developed to measure the behavioural pattern of farmers in a stressful polluted environment. The PSCBI has been operationalised as the degree to which farmers had taken steps to overcome the dyeing industrial effluents effects to achieve profitable income. Six components were identified to measure the coping strategy behaviour of farmers such as, diversification, adjustment, withdrawal, acceptance, participation and seeking support. This would reflect the total or wholesome coping behaviour of farmers against polluted agricultural environment. The developed index would be helpful to measure the behaviour of farmers in a polluted agricultural environment.

Keyword: Pollution Stress Coping Behavioural Index (PSCBI); Coping strategy behaviour

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