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Market–led Extension Approach for Livelihood Security of Dairy Farmers through Dairying in Bihar

Bagish Kumar, Gopal Sankahala and Pankaj Kumar Sinha


The agricultural production of the country has increased dramatically in the last sixty years but could not translate into better remuneration to the farmers. Poor efficiency in the marketing channels and inadequate marketing infrastructure are believed to be the cause of not only high and fluctuating consumer prices, but also little of the consumer rupee reaching the farmer. Therefore extension functionaries need to play a major role to build the capacity of the farmers to meet the emerging challenges and make the farmers to realize better prices to their farm produce. This transformation of Extension is termed as Market – led extension, and so far it is not much discussed issue in the extension scenario. Hence the extension focus should extend from mere production to market led extension on end-to-end basis. In this regard, the present study were taken with 240 respondents through well-structured interview schedule. More than four fifth (82.92%) of the respondents had medium to high level of livelihood security, whereas, the overall average livelihood security index value was 0.61.

Keyword: Market – led extension; Livelihood security; Livelihood security index;

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