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Market Value Generation Process among Vegetable Growers in Nadia District of West Bengal

K. Pradhan and Manas Kr. Ghosh


The value addition in any perspective of agriculture emphasizes the role of market led extension in agricultural production economics. In this context, value generation process for producing high value vegetable crops is giving impetus for enterprising agriculture. Market value generation is the most critical sphere of research in any production process because it only makes a farmer encourage to introduce more variety of crops in the field. A study was conducted to assess and analyse the level of market value generation amongst the vegetable growers and to find out the inter and intra level relationship between the market value generation process and the score of some selected agro-economic and socio-personal attributes of vegetable growers. The study was conducted at Haringhata block in Nadia district. Multistage random sampling procedure was followed for selection of village, block, district and respondents. The total number of respondents was eighty (80). The fourteen (14) predictor variables and one (1) predicted variable had been considered for the study. The data were collected with the help of structured interview schedule by personal interview method and processed into the statistical analysis like t-test, coefficient of correlation and path analysis. The study revealed that the predictor variables, cultivable land and per capita income of vegetable growers had recorded significant but negative association with market value generation process. After decomposing predictor and predicted variables, it had been revealed that the antecedent variable like cultivable land, mass media exposure and input use status (SSP) had directly contributed to characterize the performance of market value generation process of vegetable growers. The variable cultivable land has channeled the highest indirect effect of as many as eight (8) antecedent variables to exact impact on market value generation process. Lastly, it is to infer that even with the interactive agglomeration of fourteen (14) extraneous variables 68.97 percent of variance embedded with the consequent variable, market value generation process of the vegetable growers could not be explained

Keyword: Market value generation;

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