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Major Constraints in Production and Marketing of Onion in Haryana

Nitin Goyal and S.K. Goyal


Onion is an inevitable item in all Indian kitchens. As onion is an important and obligatory item of consumption basket, fluctuation in its prices will have great impact on food consumption pattern of the Indian consumers. The present study was conducted to identify the major constraints in the production and marketing of onion in Haryana. Ambala and Mewat districts were selected purposively based on the largest area under onion in the state. In total 200 onion growers were randomly selected for collecting the required information. Garrett’s ranking technique was used to analyze the results. The study revealed that the high labour cost was the major constraint in the production of onion in Ambala district followed by high incidence of pest and disease and viability of seed. As regards to major constraints reported by the respondents during the marketing of onion were frequent price fluctuation, non-availability of storage facility and lack of awareness of BBY/government procurement (NAFED). Regarding the production of onion in Mewat district, major constraints observed were poor quality and inadequate underground water, high cost of onion seed, non availability of quality seed, etc. The study further found that the major constraints observed during the marketing of onion in Mewat district were distance market, non-availability of storage facility, high transportation cost. Adequate storage facility needs to be created enabling the producers to spread the sale throughout the year. Eff orts may be made to supply quality seeds and also to safeguard the producers against the low prices during the peak season.

Keyword: Society of Extension Education, Production and Marketing of Onion , Onion Cultiivation in Haryana

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