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Livestock Insurance Policy in India: Insights from Ground Level Study

Subhash Chand, Arvind Kumar and Khyali Ram Chaudhary


This study presents the status of livestock insurance policy and ground level evidences on insurance adoption. The study is based on a fi eld survey conducted in Haryana and Rajasthan and descriptive statistics and logistic regression model was employed to draw logical conclusions. The regional coverage of livestock insurance indicates diverse picture for different states in the country and only few states were having better coverage. More than 80 per cent of the livestock insurance in India is done by the public sector insurance companies and remaining by private sector. The micro level study indicates the low coverage and extremely lower renewal of livestock insurance which may cast doubts on the feasibility of livestock insurance policy. The opinions of the farmers indicate that insurance provider may diversify their products as per the need of farmers. Constraints in insurance adoption like no. of milch animal, education level of households, milk yield and bred of animal are the important factor. Farmers have reported difficulties while accessing the livestock insurance i.e. higher premium, cumbersome claim settlement and lack of knowledge about risk aversion products. Study suggests for improving the livestock insurance scheme for wider coverage to reduce premium, quick settlement of the claims, insurance service at door steps, more awareness programmes should be integral part of livestock insurance policy.

Keyword: Livestock; Insurance; Milch animal; Public sector insurance company.

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