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Livelihood Analysis using Wealth Ranking Tool of PRA

P.S. Swathi Lekshmi, R. Venugopalan and Padmini K


The present study was undertaken in Maroorpatti village in Namakkal district of Tamlnadu. From the results of the livelihood analysis conducted for the three different categories of wealth ranking , it may be pointed out that with respect to the size of land holdings the rich farmer had double the size of the medium and as such large as 10 times that the poor farmer. The rich farmer had an incomparably large number of cattle with respect to his counterparts. While the rich farmer received monthly income from livestock, the medium farmer, who was thus classified solely by his agricultural land holdings, always expected his agricultural field to boost his monthly income. Furthermore, from the expenditure pattern observed, the rich farmers were inclined to save nearly 35% of their monthly income, while the poor farmers were always in need of 25% loan to meet their monthly needs. As a consequence, the crises analysis indicated that the poor farmer as well as the medium farmer usually takes a loan of 40% towards meeting any calamities faced in their agricultural and livestock sectors

Keyword: Livelihood; Wealth ranking

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