Lentil Crop Production in the Context of Climate Change: An Appraisal

Pooja Dhuppar, Subhash C. Biyan, Basanti Chintapalli and D.Sarveshwara Rao


Climate change and agriculture are inter-related processes both of which takes place on global scale. Climate over Indo-Gangetic plains has generally changed significantly over last thirty years. The rate of warming has varied temporally and spatially. Change in precipitation has been even more variable. Temperature increases above 2.5ºC will generally have negative overall effects on world agriculture. Reproductive performance of Lentil is particularly affected because Lentil has poor tolerance for high temperatures, especially at flowering and pod set stage. The synchrony of current and future trends reinforces the need for investigating the adaptation of Lentil Crop to climate change. Continued research into adaptive capabilities of current Lentil crop production technologies and the development of future technologies will contribute to maximizing crop production in the future. Adaptive technologies include changing sowing dates, seasonality of crop production, efficient plant nutrient management etc. The present paper include the observations on the floral phenology, reproductive performance, and realised yield of Lentil crop in relation to weather changes at Agra

Keyword: Climate change; Lentil; R

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