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Knowledge of the Extension Personnel on Tech-Enabled Platforms (TEP) in Telangana

G. Phanisha, K. Madhu Babu, V. Sudha rani and G.E.Ch.Vidyasagar


Agriculture is an educational service which brings information and new technologies to farming communities to enable them to improve their production, income and standard of living. As agricultural extension is the vital component for the growth and development of the society, the inclusion of TEP in agricultural extension system, will definitely produce more unimaginable growth in field of agriculture. Hence there is every need for the Agricultural Officer to transform their traditional style of functioning to the digital style of functioning which involves more usage of ICTs in their professional activities. Districts of Telangana i.e Mahabubnagar from Southern Telangana zone, Waranagal from Central Telanagana zone and Nizamabad from Northern Telangana zone and20 Agricultural officers (AO)and 20 Agricultural extension officers (AEO) from each erstwhile district are selected. Thus, a total of 120 extension personnel’s were selected randomly. Ex post-facto research design was used and data was collected interview schedule. The Technology enabled platforms used were Applications like Pantala yajamanyam, Rythu bandhu, Kisan Suvidha and portals like OLMS (Online License Management System), OSSDS (Online subsidy seed distribution system), Farm inventory, Agrisnet, PM kisan yojana, PMKSY, PKVY, m-kisan and Soil health card portal, m- kisan and Kisan Suvidha were not at all used by the AEOs. Knowledge test is conducted and the results AOs had high level of knowledge and AEOs had medium Knowledge.

Keyword: Society of Extension Education, Tech-Enabled Platforms, TEP; Tech-Enabled Platforms (TEP) in Telangana

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