Knowledge of Farmers on Climate Change in Rangareddy District, Telangana

Gottipalli Jaya Pravallika and Syed H. Mazhar


Climate change is a harsh reality which affects agriculture and also indirectly affecting the farmers. Most of the farmers are not well aware about climate change and its effects on agriculture. So it is important to let the farmers know about climate change or give them proper and complete information about it. Hence the study, knowledge of farmers about climate change was conducted. To analyze the level of knowledge they have. The present study, ‘knowledge of farmers about climate change in chevella block of Rangareddy district, Telangana’, was conducted in 2019-2020. Total 120 respondents were selected randomly from 6 different villages present in the chevella block.The study revealed that the farmers had medium level of knowledge on climate change, and the knowledge level of farmers had significant relationship with the independent variables (age, education, annual income, land holding, mass media exposure, extension contact, innovativeness and risk orientation).

Keyword: Climate change; Knowledge;

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