Knowledge of Dairy Farmers about Improved Buffalo Husbandry Management Practices

Karamjit Sharma, S.P. Singh and V.P.S.Yadav


This study was conducted on 240 buffalo owners selected from eight villages of Haryana state during the year 2004 to ascertain the knowledge about buffalo husbandry management practices. The study reveals that majority of the respondents of all the categories possessed moderate knowledge about buffalo husbandry management practices ranging from 55 to 60 per cent followed by poor and high knowledge. Higher knowledge was recorded among the landless respondents in the cleanliness of buffalo shed followed by height of buffalo shed and expulsion of placenta where as the farmers of other groups possessed highest knowledge about height of buffalo shed. Almost similar observations were recorded in case of farmers having up to 2 ha of land and more than 2 ha of land. Knowledge about buffalo husbandry management practices was found among various categories of respondents in the area of disinfestations of shed before calving and type of housing system. Education, extension contact and attitude of farmers towards recommended buffalo husbandry management practices were found important variables, which influence their knowledge

Keyword: Dairy farmers; Knowledge;

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