Knowledge Level of Tribal Farmers regarding Okra Production Technology in South Gujarat

Nikulsinh M. Chauhan


The study was conducted in January-2017 in South Gujarat region of Gujarat. Total 300 okra growers were included in the study. Okra is the main vegetable crop in rabi season in this region. Based on this study it was seen that the majority of the respondents were belonged to middle age group, educated up to secondary to higher level, medium level of farming experience in okra, possessed marginal size of land holding, annual income ranging from Rs.50,000/- to Rs.1,00,000/, medium level of social participation, medium level of extension contact, had medium level of scientific orientation and had medium level of mass media exposure. The age of the respondent was found no significant with their knowledge level followed by size of land holding and annual income. Where as, social participation was found negative significant with their knowledge level. However, education and extension contact were found significant with their level of knowledge regarding okra package of practices. Farming experience, scientific orientation and mass media exposure were found highly significant with their level of knowledge regarding okra package of practices. The Weed control through herbicides is technically complex phenomenon but now a day essential and hence proper training should be given to them. The second highest suggestion was bio-control aids must be available at local place with remunerative price, Followed by Intensive trainings about improved technologies of seed, weedicides and plant protection measures must be in KVK or ATMA, Assured marketing at remunerative price and insurance policy facility should be avail from Government, Intensive trainings should be given by government for IPM, especially for Bio control and operational skill in the plant protection equipments and so on.

Keyword: Okra; Social participation; Farming experience; Weed control; KVK; ATMA

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