Knowledge Level of Rural Women on Health and Nutritional Practices in Tikamgarh District of M.P.

Khushbu Khatri , S.P. Singh , Mahak Khatri and Ravi Shinde


The strategy of increasing the health and nutritional status of rural women to a certain extent depends on their knowledge level of health and nutritional practices. The main purpose of the study was to know the knowledge level of rural women on selected health and nutritional practices in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. The study was limited within six selected villages of Tikamgarh block namely, Alampura, Takha, Maharajpura, Samarra, Ganeshganj and Pahaditilwaran Khas. For the study married rural women were selected purposively. From the selected villages 20 rural women were selected randomly for the study thus total 120 respondents were selected for the study. The result obtained indicated that majority of respondents (80%) had medium level of knowledge on health and nutritional practices the result of the study also shown that eight variables namely; education, caste, land holding annual income, occupation, participation in local institution, source of information and extension participation were significant whereas other variables namely age and family type were not found to have any relationship with knowledge level of rural women on health and nutritional practices.

Keyword: Health and nutritional practices; Knowledge level of rural women;

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