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Knowledge Level about Organic Farming in Haryana Munir

Hussain Naik S.R. Srivastava, A K Godara and V.P S. Yadav


The present study was conducted in Haryana state. The state of Haryana comprises 20 districts. Out of these, four districts viz., Hisar, Sirsa, Karnal and Kurukshetra were selected purposively depending upon the higher number of the organic farmers. A random sample of 20 organic farming practicing farmers from each of the four districts was taken. Thus, total number of 80 farmers constituted the sample for the purpose of the study. The finding indicated that nearly half of the farmers had highly knowledge, very few of them had low knowledge and remaining had medium level of knowledge about organic farming practices. Education, mass media exposure and innovativeness were positively and significantly related to the knowledge level when examined through correlation test. All the nine variables were fitted in regression equation of their knowledge level with total variation about 0.79 per cent of organic farmers

Keyword: Education; Mass Media ; I

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