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Knowledge Label of the Cotton Farmers about Pesticides Label Claims

N.M.Kale, D.M. Mankar, P.P. Wankhade and P.P.Bhople


A systematic survey of 150 soybean growers was conducted in Akola, Buldana, Washim, Amravati, and Yavatmal districts of Vidarbha during 2015-16 as University Research Review Committee Project. The main objective of the study was to study the knowledge level of the selected cotton growers, extension functionaries and proprietor of Krushi Seva Kendras about the pesticides label claims. The key finding revealed that in selected five district of Vidarbha 96.67 per cent selected cotton farmers and 62.50 per cent selected extension workers were found unaware about the label claims of pesticides. This study also clears that majority 77.50 per cent proprietors of Krashi Seva Kendras have high level knowledge about the label claim of pesticides. But it was noted that they were not using these knowledge for promoting the uses of pesticides having label claims of CIB & RC among the farming community. They ignored the CIB & RC recommendations while selling the pesticides to farmers. Hence this study clears that there is a need to create the awareness knowledge among the farming community and extension functionaries about the pesticide label claims. Similarly make mandatory to all input dealers to sale the pesticides as per the pesticides label claims. It will help to improve the adoption status of pesticides having label claim for specific crop and specific purpose approved by the CIB & RC and it will also help to make uniformity in the recommendations made by the Central Insecticide Board and other institutions for betterment of farming community. Secondly it will also help to either set the MRLs of a pesticide for appropriate food commodities or to monitor pesticide residues for food safety.

Keyword: Pesticides label claims; CIB & RC; Maximum residue limits;

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