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Knowledge and Information Sources Utilisation Pattern of Soybean Growers

Sendilkumar. R


This study investigates the pattern of information sources utilised and the knowledge level on Know-how and Dohow dimensions in soybean cultivation technology with 120 soybean growers of Nagapattinam district at Tamil Nadu. The findings revealed that Majority of growers possessed good How-to knowledge in the case of seed treatment with biofertilizer and 2 per cent DAP foliar spray and poor How-to knowledge in the case of herbicide application. There were distinct pattern of information sources utilised by Soybean growers. Field Assistants, Field Officers were predominantly used among the personal cosmopolite sources. Fellow farmers and friends were emerged as the major source of information in the case personal localite sources. With regards to impersonal cosmopolite sources leaflets, radio and television were the prime sources of information for the Soybean growers

Keyword: How-to knowledge; Information

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