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Knowledge and Attitude of Poultry Farmers towards Poultry Enterprise

Umesh Kumar Jaiswal, Anika Malik, Anju Bala, Ravi Kumar and Rohit Sharma


Today poultry is one of the fastest-growing sector of agriculture in India with fifth rank in the world comprising 2.6 percent of the world’s total population. India is one of the countries which have seen remarkable growth in the fi eld of poultry which is not only in the production but also in the productivity. But profitability in any business depends upon the knowledge, use and attitude towards various inputs of quality and quantity parameters. Evidently good poultry farming practices are contributor to poultry sector development. Present study was conducted to assess poultry farming practices (PFP) among poultry farmers from two different district of the Haryana. The data was collected from well-structured interview schedule consisted of 39 items assessing knowledge and 18 items assessing attitude regarding PFP. Data analysis was done by using Microsoft Excel and Statistical Package for Social Sciences on total responses received. The result showed that majority of farmers were having poor knowledge about PEP but their attitude towards PEP was satisfactory with medium level. A highly significant association was found between age, education, mass media exposure, training, extension contact and financial status with total knowledge score. And positive significant relation was also found between age, education, financial statuses and with attitude of poultry keepers. So, intervention program needs to be adopted to increase the knowledge & to improve attitude regarding PEP among the poultry farmers.

Keyword: Egg production; Poultry farming practice; Knowledge; Attitude.

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